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We find and review brands who’ve perfected the art of brewing whiskey.
Whiskey Reviews

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Just starting your whiskey journey? We create a variety of educational content to help guide you on your way to becoming a connoisseur.

Read our Beginners Guide

Compare whiskey types.

Want to learn more about the differences between types of whiskey? Here is where to start. Our comparisons pick out the top differences between popular whiskey types.

Types of whiskey explained

Appreciate the flavors.

Drinking a whiskey is a great way to end a day in front of a cozy fire. Or, if you're a more social creature, enjoying a cocktail with some friends at a local bar!

Start here if you're looking to refine your palate and appreciate the flavors.

Ultimate guide to drinking Whiskey

Learn how it's made.

If a little background history increases your appreciation of our favorite golden drink, read our guides on how whiskey is made.

How is Whiskey made?

A little about us.

We’re whiskey enthusiasts who love nothing more than to end the evening with an Old Fashioned cocktail in our hands. Whiskey Rocks was born out of our passion to share our thoughts and helpful guides with all whiskey lovers out there, whether you’re just dipping your toes in or are a seasoned whiskey drinker - we hope you’ll find something interesting and stay to read for a while!

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