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Horse Soldier Bourbon Review

Horse Soldier Bourbon History Horse Soldier Bourbon is a project started by veterans whose history goes back to the infamous 9/11 terrorist attack. Days after the events of September 11, 2001, a small US Army Special Forces unit answered their nation’s call to defend it. They found themselves riding horseback in a Green Beret insertion […]

Jim Beam Bourbon Review

Considering that the Beam family is of a German origin, the name is pronounced as Boehm. Jim Beam Bourbon History In the late 18th century, Jacob Beam, a member of the Beam family who originated from Germany, traveled west into Kentucky, bourbon brands subsequently setting up a corn mill and small-scale distillery. Around 1795, Jacob […]

Bib And Tucker Bourbon Review

There’s a sense of depth and wholeness to this whiskey that gives it character and distinctness. Retailing for roughly $60, this Tennessee whiskey is sourced from an unknown distillery and double-distilled. Bib And Tucker Bourbon History Back in the day, the term “bib & tucker” was used to describe your finest attire, the kind that […]

Wyoming Whiskey Review

Wyoming Whiskey is a relatively smooth liquor that has an excellent depth to it. It introduces some nicely integrated yet unexpected elements to keep things interesting. This traditional bourbon is made in a non-traditional place – Kirby. Wyoming Whiskey History Claiming Wyoming’s first legal whiskey distillery, Wyoming Whiskey was founded by Brad Mead, his wife […]

John Barr Scotch Review

It’s believed that John Barr Scotch was designed to compete neck-to-neck with Johnnie Walker, Diageo’s famous workhorse of a brand. There’s a considerable resemblance in the square bottling and labeling. John Barr Scotch History In a bid to protect its overseas agents, the DCL, after being ordered by the European Commission to address issues concerning […]

Stranahan's Whiskey Review

Stranahan's Whiskey History In 1998, Jess Graber (a volunteer firefighter) met George Stranahan, a local at Woody Creek (founder and owner of Flying Dog Brewery), while fighting a fire at Stranahan’s barn. The two men struck up a conversation about whiskey, and six years later, they started a business in Colorado which drew upon George’s […]

Elijah Craig Bourbon Review

Elijah Craig Bourbon History Elijah Craig was born in 1738 in Orange County, Virginia, and moved to what is now modern-day Kentucky in 1782. He was a preacher, an educator, and entrepreneur who built the first paper and wool mills in Georgetown, Kentucky. But for all his many talents, it was his gift as a […]

Joseph Magnus Bourbon Review

Everyone loves a bourbon with a good background story. Joseph Magnus Bourbon is one of those as its story involves a bourbon resurrection. In 1892, and at the age of 26, Joseph A. Magnus started the Jos. A. Magnus & Co. company where he focused on producing reasonably-priced high-quality whiskey. The business thrived until 1918, […]

Black Velvet Whiskey Review

This Canadian whiskey brand originates in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, a city in southwestern Quebec, produced at Schenley Industries. Black Velvet Whiskey was originally called Black Label, but Master Distiller Jack Napier renamed it after tasting it and realizing how smooth and rich it was. It developed in 1946 but was first introduced into the market in 1951. […]

Larceny Whiskey Review

This whiskey has an amusing but somewhat complicated story. Larceny was inspired by a thief. John F. Fitzgerald was an agent for the U.S. Treasury Department in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Because of his position, he had access to bourbon storage rick warehouses. He would break into these storage facilities and steal bourbon […]

Legent Bourbon Review

This Kentucky bourbon has brought together more than 200 years of bourbon-making heritage and nearly 100 years of Japanese whiskey artistry. Legent Bourbon History Legent is a super-premium bourbon that brings together the best of the East and West in a way no other whiskey does. This unique innovation debuted on March 8, 2019. A […]

Basil Hayden Bourbon Review

Wherever you go, you’ll most probably hear people argue about the proper pronunciation of Basil Hayden Bourbon. Most people argue that it’s pronounced as /ˈbæzəl/ the person’s name and not /ˈbāzəl/ the herb. Again, it also depends if you’re American or English, in which case you’d pronounce it as “bay-zle” and “baa-zle,” respectively. Basil Hayden […]

Pendleton Whiskey Review

The quality and authenticity have caused the popularity of the whiskey to grow beyond its territory of origin. Pendleton Whiskey is exactly what the average American drinker needs to get their mind off things. Pendleton Whiskey History Created in 2003 to celebrate the spirit of the American cowboy, Pendleton Whiskey gets its name from Pendleton […]

Redemption Bourbon Review

The bourbon belongs to a line of premium whiskeys that may be enjoyed neat on the rocks and is also quite ideal as a mixer for cocktails. It is usually a pleasure to enjoy this whiskey believed to be the perfect expression of the classic American spirit. Redemption Bourbon History Redemption is a relatively new […]

Crown Royal Whiskey Review

This finely crafted whiskey is one of the smoothest that Canadian whiskey lovers have come to know and love since 1939. Crown Royal Whiskey History This whiskey was created in honor of King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1939. This was the first time reigning monarchs had visited Canada. They arrived […]

Rowan's Creek Bourbon Review

Rowan’s Creek Bourbon is one among four of Willet Clan’s small-batch bourbons. The others are Noah’s Mill, Pure Kentucky XO, and Kentucky Vintage. It gets its name from the watercourse whose water is used for production. The bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels, hand-bottled, and topped with a cork stopper sealed with a brown […]

Booker's Bourbon Review

Booker’s Bourbon is one of the small-batch bourbons produced by the Jim Beam distillery owned by Beam Suntory and is the highest-proof bourbon in the Jim Beam Small batch Collection. It’s a barrel-strength bourbon that’s aged between six and eight years. This bourbon is bottled uncut and without chill filtering at its natural proof. The […]

High West Whiskey Review

If you enjoy experimenting with different types of whikeys, you need to try out High West Whiskey. A blend of straight bourbon, rye, and scotch whiskey will surely excite your taste buds. Some of the reasons it’s pretty impressive are its reasonable price, which makes it accessible for a lot of people. It raises awareness […]

Yellowstone Bourbon Review

It’s about time you switch things up from your regular go-to bourbons for something more exotic. A nicely balanced sip that’s easily accessible and at a lower cost is what Yellowstone Bourbon offers. The flavors are more than just enough to be enjoyable – they make you want to go back for a second glass. […]

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Review

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky has taken bars, parties, and liquor stores by storm. The spirit has a strong cinnamon taste but isn’t too sweet, which is a huge plus. There are more than enough reasons to love this must-have whisky: Easy to remember. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is an easy shot to remember making it a quick […]

Uncle Nearest Whiskey Review

Nothing beats a stiff glass of Uncle Nearest Whiskey on a Friday evening after a long week of hard work. It’s even better when you share the bottle with a couple of friends as you unwind. Alcohol has a way of bringing people together and strengthening bonds. Like all the great things in this life, […]

Kavalan Whisky Review

Kavalan whisky is named after the indigenous Kalvan people. This group originally inhabited the Kabalan plain, which is now known as Yilan County. The distillery that is now used to create the whiskey was completed in December 2005. The business also produced the first spirit in March 2006 and released their first Bottle in December […]

Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky Review

Some people say that the art of blending achieves the pinnacle of whisky perfection. Others will claim that it is a single malt. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact the Ballantine's 17 is a favorite for many whiskey lovers,  History of Ballantine’s Whiskey Established in 1827, Ballantine’s started its journey in a grocery […]

Teeling Irish Whiskey review

Teeling Whiskey is the flagship product from Teeling Distillery in Dublin. It is a small batch of Irish whiskey created by mixing a blend of grain and malt whiskeys. These are initially aged in former Bourbon barrels. After this, the guys at Telling decided to move the whiskey cover to casks that used to hold […]

Noah's Mill Bourbon Review

Noah’s Mill is a small batch of world-class bourbon. It’s a hit creation from the Willet Distillery, a small batch and rare type of Bourbon. It pays true respect to early pioneers of Kentucky after the Revolutionary War who started distilling excess corn into tasty Bourbon.  Noah’s mill combines different bourbons into a wonderful blend […]

Black Velvet Canadian Whisky review

Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey was originally developed in 1946. However, it wasn’t introduced to the market until 1951. Thus, the legacy as we know it today began nearly 95 years later. During this time, the Gilbey brothers came to Hertfordshire, England, after their time spent serving in the Crimean War.  After searching for a business […]

Willett Bourbon Review

Willett Bourbon is a small batch bourbon, named for the founders of the Willett Distillery. It is bottled in a distinctive still shaped decanter. The bourbon was released in 2008. Originally, it was a single barrel bourbon. Each bottle was sealed with a label identifying the individual ageing barrel, the number of the bottle within […]

Widow Jane Bourbon Review

Something of a new kid on the block in bourbon terms, Widow Jane is making waves among Kentucky bourbons. The exquisitely sourced bourbon is blended with Limestone mineral water from the Widow Jane Mine in Kentucky, and combined to give the unique and remarkable taste and flavor. The Widow Jane Distillery is owned by Cacao […]

Old Crow Bourbon Review

Created in 1830 by a Scottish immigrant called James Crow, this bourbon was sold across many different distilleries. Crow died in 1856, and the original bourbon died with him, however, the name was kept by W.A. Gaines and Company, who produced their own version of Old Crow under the name. This is the version that […]

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Review

Woodford Reserve is made by the Brown-Forman Company, with the distillery named after Brown-Forman. However, it used to be called Old Oscar Pepper Distillery up until Brown-Forman bought it in 1941, and refurbished it in 1993. Located in Kentucky, this is one of the finest bourbons produced in America, and Woodford Reserve has long been […]

Evan Williams Bourbon Review

Who was Evan Williams? Apart from being the progenitor of the famous bourbon, he was a Welsh immigrant born in Pembrokeshire who emigrated to the United States. He found his home in Kentucky where he began to brew bourbon in 1783 – according to legend.  Evan Williams standard-issue bourbon comes with a black label as […]

Proper 12 Whiskey Review

After his defeat to Floyd Mayweather in 2017, UFC superstar Conor McGregor announced that he would be launching his whiskey. He released the Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey as a dedication to his hometown Crumlin, a suburb of Dublin. The founder McGregor, with the support of former Bushmills distillery manager David Elder, and his team […]

Monkey Shoulder Whisky Review

You’ll find Monkey Shoulder Whisky labeled with ‘Batch 27’, which harkens back to the original idea of only making Monkey Shoulder in 27 casks at a time. Originally, the vatting would have been a mix of whiskies from the three William Grant & Sons’ distilleries found in Speyside, Scotland (that being Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie). […]

Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Review

Kirin Brewery Company, a Japanese firm, manufactures Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey. The distillery of the brand in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, was established in 1910 in an architectural design based on the Spanish Mission. The structure is under the National Registrar of Historic Places.  History of Four Roses Bourbon Whisky In 1884, Paul Jones Jr shifted his […]

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Review

The Buffalo Trace Distillery is a special one and has become famous over the years for its sheer output, which consists of, give or take, 10 million liters of whiskey per year. This makes up over 40 different products: rye whiskies, wheated bourbon, and even a vodka thrown in for good measure. And, of course, […]

Tincup American Whiskey Review

Distilled in Indiana and bottled in Colorado, Tincup American Whiskey has a fair journey to make until its drinkers can finally get hold of it. Still, the fact that it is a sourced whiskey doesn’t detract from the great flavors you’ll get when you have a glass. It’s an interesting mix, too sweet for some, […]

The Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon Review

The Michter’s US *1 Small Batch bourbon is light and sweet, but when the age of the drink is listed as ‘NAS’ (no age statement), it’s hard to define exactly what you’re getting. It might be a young bourbon, it might have some age to it, but unless you have a very specifically tailored palette, […]

Heaven's Door Tennessee Bourbon Review

Every whiskey has a story. Heaven's Door whiskey is attached to Bob Dylan; the musical giant has always seemed to have a connection to whiskey. A tumbler of whiskey is an excellent accompaniment to his music, after all.  The name comes from the title of one of his most famous tracks, Knocking On Heaven’s Door. […]

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Some whiskeys taste great; others have history. In a Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon review, you’ll find that this bourbon has both on its side.  It’s the creation of Elmer T. Lee, who was the former distiller at Buffalo Trace. This drink is noted for being the first single barrel bourbon. Indeed, so influential was the […]

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Review

Some whiskeys have prestige and class on their side, but you aren’t going to find that here. However, that doesn’t mean that Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey isn’t worth trying.  It’s popular, and we wanted to know what all the fuss was about. This whiskey is an entirely modern invention. It comes from a California bar. […]

Angel's Envy Bourbon Review

The distillery behind Angel’s Envy Bourbon is steeped in history. With a heritage spanning over two centuries, their hand-finished spirits are inspired by one of the finest Master Distillers in history, Lincoln Henderson.   The makers of Angel’s Envy are fanatical in their quest for the perfect taste and check each barrel at every stage of […]

Copper Dog Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

A blended scotch whisky with a rich flavor and affordable price point, Copper Dog from Speyside is perfect for drinking neat or enjoying with your favorite mixers or in a nice cocktail. Launched in 2016, Copper Dog has proven itself a popular choice for bars and restaurants across the world, with the blend balanced explicitly […]

Jura Journey Whisky Review

Regular readers have most likely read our review of Jura Elixir Single Malt Whisky Review, and you’ll know that it got a 5-star rating. But that leads us nicely to the Jura Journey Whiskey.  Since we’ve covered the history of the distillery, we can dive straight into the details.  Smell Jura Journey has a somewhat […]

Aberlour 12 Year Old Whisky Review

The Aberlour Distillery is, as the name suggests in Aberlour. Specifically in a location called the River Spey. It is described as a magical location, and the distillery itself is small. James Fleming founded the Aberlour Distillery in 1879.  The location was chosen because there is a supply of fresh spring water. What makes the […]

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Review

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon has been around for more than 60 years and was created by Master Distiller Jimmy Russel. This popular bourbon has a high rye content and is aged in an American White Oak barrel. The Wild Turkey distillery goes back to 1869; however, the Wild Turkey brand wasn’t established until 1940. As […]

Grant’s Triple Wood Blended Scotch Whisky Review

Grant's whisky is one of the most famous whiskies, loved across the globe. Find out more about what to expect from this superb Scotch blend in this review.

Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

If you love adventure and the outdoors, you have found your drink. Learn all you need to know about the unique Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky below.

Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky review

With its fresh and clean taste, the Haig Club Whisky mixes well with any cocktail. Learn about this modern whisky here and make it the star of your next party.

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