Jura Elixir Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

Jura Elixir Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Single Malt Scotch is a great way to recoup from a rough day or warm-up on a cold night, but the Jura Elixir Single Malt Scotch offers even more magic. The perfect combination of fruit and spice will keep you engaged with the entire experience. This spectacular single malt is sold at a fair price and will leave you feeling delighted.

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Way back in 1810 marked the beginning of the Jura distillery founded by the Laird of Jura, Archibald Campbell.

The distillery has a history of falling into disrepair to be later restored. The cycle of ruin and restoration has happened twice in its past, with restoration work first taking place in 1884 before being dismantled in 1901.

Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith, two local estate owners, started a project to rebuild it once again during the 1950s.

jura elixir single malt scotch whisky bottle and glasses

After a lengthy renovation, work finished in 1963, and the distiller reopened. Among the many renovations needed to restore the Jura distillery, they installed taller stills to make a mix of malts. 

Thanks to these restorations, today we’re reviewing the spicy yet fruity Jura Elixir, released at the end of 2011.

This Single Match Scotch Whisky is aged 12 years in American white oak and sherry casks before bottling in preparation for selling.

Jura has a history of naming its products mystically and mysteriously. Some of their products include Prophecy and Superstition, so Elixir fits right in. Elixir lives up to its name by giving the drinker a unique experience that they will not soon forget.

jura elixir single malt scotch whisky barrels

Tasting notes.

What to expect


The whisky has a sweet nose thanks to the sherry cask finish. After an initial sniff, you’ll very quickly spot the hints of the sherry aroma as well as a bit of cherry and honeysuckle. 

jura elixir single malt scotch whisky bottle on hand

Overall, the scent is mellow, but the tones of cloves, dates, and wood mixed with hazelnut make it very inviting.


Jura Elixir is a deep amber color through the glass container with thin, slow legs.

The bottle mixes contemporary design without ditching the traditional altogether. The raised emblem on the bottle’s front is a unique design that adds an extra sense of style and sophistication to the overall aesthetic. 


The taste of this single malt is complex and subtle. The palate begins sweet and fruity. Hints of melon and blackberry are apparent. 

jura elixir single malt scotch whisky on glass

Underneath, there are nods to spices like black pepper and clove. These contradicting flavors are not overbearing and perfectly balanced, so it is not too sweet or too spicy. 

The spices fade into the background, and it leaves you with a brief revisit back to sweetness. There is almost no bitter aftertaste. It has a medium-length finish that leaves you tasting fruit, nuttiness, oak spices, and dryness. 

jura elixir single malt scotch whisky on hands

The Whiskey Rocks verdict.

Is it good?

With its combination of sweet and spicy, Jura Elixir is a unique experience. Dried fruit, wood spice, and gingery, it balances opposite ends of the taste spectrum to give you an enjoyable drink from start to finish. It is sweet and coastal for easy-drinking but still offers an engaging experience with the added spices.

If you want to enjoy a ride for your taste buds through a series of changing flavors that keep you on your toes, you will love Jura Elixir. It is perfect for sharing with a friend or drinking by yourself on a cold winter’s night. No matter what the occasion, Jura Elixir is sure to deliver. 

Someone who does not enjoy hints of fruit in their whisky will not enjoy Jura Elixir. It starts and ends fruity, so it is ideal for someone wanting those flavors. While it is not overly spicy, people who do not like spice should also probably choose a different whisky. 

Jura also offers many other kinds of whisky in various flavors and depths, so there is something for everyone. Overall it is a good value for the money and worth trying if you are looking for a new whisky to try.

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Ashleigh is a key part of the editorial team at Whiskey Rocks. You'll often find her either writing educational articles or reviewing the latest artisan whiskeys. Her favorite drink? Ashleigh loves smokey scotches like Laphroaig, but you'll also often find her with an old fashioned in hand.

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