Larceny 92 Proof Bourbon Review

Larceny 92 Proof Bourbon Review

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Larceny produces one of the more accessible wheated bourbons with a fair price tag and an approachable flavor profile. It doesn’t stand out in any particular area, but it's an easy crowd-pleaser.

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The longer review

Larceny Bourbon began with John E. Fitzgerald, the man that inspired the brand’s full lineup of celebrated wheated bourbons. 

Fitzgerald was a bonded U.S. Treasury agent with access to the rickhouses where bourbon barrels were stored and aged. This meant he was able to sample some of the finest bourbon available in the country.

Thanks to his position, he could break into the rickhouses, steal from the barrels, and take home entire jugs for himself. 

larceny 92 proof bourbon with glass

When the time came to dump the barrels, some of them were unusually light and exceptionally smooth. These were dubbed the “Fitzgerald Barrels.” Even today, the spirit of John E. Fitzgerald lives on in the entire lineup of wheated bourbons offered by Larceny.

Unlike many traditional Bourbons, Larceny uses wheat as the secondary grain instead of rye.

Kentucky limestone-filtered water ferments the locally sourced wheat.

Once the whiskey is distilled, it’s barreled and aged in an open-air rickhouse like the ones John E. Fitzgerald had access to.

These rickhouses expose the barrels to drastic temperature changes throughout the year, transforming the bourbon’s final taste and proof. There are six different sites with over 55 rickhouses.

Who makes Larceny Bourbon?

Larceny is currently made at Heaven Hill Distilleries, a private, family-owned and operated distillery founded in 1935 and headquartered in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Heaven Hill produces many different spirits with a primary focus on bourbon. 

In addition to Larceny, Heaven Hill also produces brands such as Parker's Heritage, Old Fitzgerald, and Kentucky Straight Bourbon. They also produce vodka, spiced rum, and cognac for many different labels.

Heaven Hill is unique in that it strongly emphasizes the history and traditions of bourbon in its public relations. 

They often highlight the company’s location as the historical home of bourbon production, and it’s currently one of the few companies that are still; under local ownership. 

larceny 92 proof bourbon on glass with lemon and ice

Since 2010, Heaven Hill has dramatically expanded their distillery, including the addition of historical exhibits and guided tours.

Larceny’s most popular product is the Larceny 92 proof Small Batch, their signature wheated bourbon known and loved by many around the world. 

They also have Larceny Barrel Proof, which is taken uncut and straight from the barrel. This is how the infamous John E. Fitzgerald used to enjoy bourbon. 

Lastly, they also produce Old Fitzgerald, a historic bourbon that is wanted and bottled-in-bond.

Larceny uses 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 14% malted barley. According to Larceny, the brand uses around 25% more wheat than other wheated bourbons, making for a smoother, softer, and more rounded sipping experience.

How to drink Larceny Bourbon?

Larceny is usually served straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. 

Since it has subtle flavor notes, we’d highly suggest that you drink it neat, with some ice or even with a splash of water. 

It works great in certain cocktails, but the flavor might be diluted by the mixers added. 

Again, Larceny isn’t the most overpowering bourbon, and there isn’t a lot of depth or strength to the flavor. Meaning your mixers are going to drown most of the complexity. 

larceny 92 proof bourbon on table

With that said, Larceny is cheap enough to serve as a regular mixer for cocktails.

The suggested way to drink Larceny is to have it neat. A splash of water can be added to take off some of the edge, especially considering it’s a popular bourbon for newcomers. 

We suggest not using too much ice for experienced drinkers because it will lose a bit of the smell and flavor. As a daily sipper, few brands can keep up with Larceny.

Tasting notes.

What to expect


The bourbon starts with a soft and sweet smell. You can get hints of sugarcane, orange, and even cinnamon. Dig deeper, and you’ll notice hints of summer fruits such as peach and apricot.

larceny 92 proof bourbon on glass with lemon and ice on side

While pleasant to the nose, there isn’t much depth in the aromas. This can be a little off-putting for serious drinkers that are treating Larceny as a sipping bourbon.

While it can please people that are new to bourbon tasting, it’s certainly not going to win over any experienced folks. However, it’s a satisfying bourbon experience for newcomers.


Larceny bourbon has a light amber tone that looks beautiful inside of the bottle.


On the first sip, you’ll get an overwhelming sensation of pleasant autumn spices. You’ll experience cinnamon, nutmeg, and a slight kick from the rye.

The spice is offset by the sweetness in the bourbon, making a delicate yet pleasant taste. However, there’s not much feeling in the mouth. The bourbon is relatively thin once it hits your mouth and the sip is a little tame.

While approachable for many and certainly enjoyable, it continues the theme of lacking any substantial depth. Experienced drinkers may feel disappointed given Larceny’s history, but that shouldn’t scare aware new bourbon drinkers experimenting with their palate.

larceny 92 proof bourbon on glass

And for the finish, the sweet cinnamon flavors carry over with the addition of a sugar maple note. 

It warms the heart and has a great balance.

Larceny is very easy to sip since nothing overwhelms your senses, but it also lacks in-depth that experienced drinkers enjoy.

In short, it’s well-presented, and there's a great balance of flavors, so it’s hard to complain given the price point.

The Whiskey Rocks verdict.

Is it good?

Larceny is a well-known producer for wheated bourbons, and it shows. Larceny is approachable, light, and palatable. It comes at a great price point, and it certainly holds up on its own. 

Wheated bourbons are still a minority, so it’s nice to have more options like Larceny.

For the price range, it’s difficult to point out anything negative about Larceny. The flavor profile is excellent and does justice for an affordable wheated bourbon, but it falls short of being something capable of impressing experienced drinkers.

There are plenty of options around the $25 mark that compete with Larceny, but few can offer a comfortable bourbon drinking experience that competes with it.

If you’re relatively new to bourbon or want to introduce a friend or family member to this world, then Larceny is a great starting point. If you just want something to sip on and enjoy, Larceny ticks all the right boxes in terms of value and taste.

However, if you want something with a little more depth, then it’s a good idea to look beyond Larceny. While it certainly has a pleasant flavor, you’re going to be missing a lot of the depth and tasting notes that you’ll find in other quality brands.

This isn’t a huge deal for some people, especially if you’re just getting started trying out different bourbons. “Inoffensive” is a great way to describe Larceny bourbon. 

It won’t anger anyone, and it’s not going to wow anyone. At this price range, that’s all you can ask for.

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