Baker's Bourbon Review

Baker's Bourbon Review

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Bottled at 53.5%, Baker’s Bourbon is another superb representation of Jim Beam’s small batch collection from Suntory – Beam stable. It forms part of the collection that includes Booker’s, Basil Hayden’s, and Knob Creek. The alcohol is very well-rounded, creamy, and silky, making this bourbon very drinkable and enjoyable.

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The bourbon industry loves tradition, and Baker’s Bourbon gives people just that. This well-aged expression uses a special strain of jug yeast that the Beam family has used for over six years.

Baker’s Bourbon History

Baker’s is one of the small-batch bourbons produced by Jim Beam distillery. The small-batch collection comprising Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s, and Baker’s Bourbon was introduced in the early 90s. The bourbon falls third in like proof-wise with Basil Hayden’s and Knob creek carrying lower proofs and Booker’s being proofed the highest. It may be the lesser-known among Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection, but it’s one of the best that the distillery has to offer.

The man behind Baker’s Bourbon is Baker Beam, a man born with bourbon in his blood. He was the distiller at Beam’s Clermont plant, where his cousin Booker was the Master Distiller. Baker, the grandnephew of Jim Beam, was raised on the grounds at the Jim Beam distillery working every imaginable job. He started working as a night watchman and worked his way up to become Jim Beam’s distiller. Baker retired after working at the distillery for 38years.

Initially, Baker’s was once known as Baker’s Small Batch Bourbon. However, in late 2019, Baker’s Bourbon was released as Baker’s Bourbon Single Barrel. This was to celebrate the individual characteristics inside every Baker’s Bourbon barrel when delivering the smooth, medium-bodied bourbon that fans enjoy. 

bakers bourbon bottle

Where is Baker’s Bourbon Made?

The Baker’s Bourbon is distilled at the Jim Beam Distillery, owned by Beam Suntory, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whiskey to form a new company with a deep heritage and a passion for quality.

This mega distillery is responsible for producing bourbons and flavored spirits under its label. It continues to engage the whiskey-drinking community with some of the most lauded and approachable premium brands.

How is Baker’s Bourbon Made?

This carefully distilled bourbon touts a proof of 107 and a 7-year age statement. The aging process is all about consistency and flavor. Location and temperature in the rack house play a significant role in the taste of the bourbon. The barrels stored at the bottom, where it’s naturally cooler, have a mild flavor, while barrels stored at the top have a more robust flavor and are higher in proof.

The barrels are pulled from throughout the warehouses where they’re aged, including the top floors where there’s more heat, and used to create balanced bourbon with robust flavors and the signature silky smooth finish that Baker’s Bourbon is known for.

bakers bourbon with cherry on glass

Baker’s Bourbon Whiskey Variations

The offerings by Baker’s Bourbon are as distinctive as they are smooth. The new Baker’s comes in two choices, and each has its unique qualities, with their flavors being the main difference:

1. Baker’s Small Batch Bourbon

This 107 proof, incredible rusty, dirty brown-colored bourbon has a funky whiff of black licorice, potting soil, and dark chocolate. There’s an alkaline note in there as well, accompanied by candied cherries and a hint of grapefruit. In the mouth, the bourbon carries through full with the nose’s promised flavors. There’s a medium-firm taste of citrus that softens with a sweet note of milk chocolate

2. Baker’s Single Barrel Bourbon

This gold-infected copper-colored bourbon has dense, smoky aromatic scents of chocolate fudge and orange peel that keep things interesting. There’s a firm mineral note of limestone in the mouth, followed by a delightful fruity burst of citrus with a very elegant finish.

This expression maintains The standard 107 proof of the prior expression.

bakers bourbon on glass

Tasting notes.

What to expect

This clear, medium harsh whiskey has multiple layers of flavors and textures that make it an ideal drink for the more adventurous bourbon drinkers.


The first sniff intrigues you with sharp vanilla scents and soft honey notes accompanied by floral scents and a faint whisper of cotton candy and black licorice.


Baker’s Bourbon has a mahogany appearance in the bottle. With seven years in the barrel, it soaked a charming and inviting color.


At 107 proof, the bourbon burns, but it isn’t overwhelming - it has some sweetness. You can taste some hints of caramel. Exploring further reveals a trace of sweet syrup.

How to drink Baker’s Bourbon

This high-quality bourbon boasts bold flavors and a high-proof experience.

bakers bourbon with ice on glass

1. Neat

Baker’s Bourbon is best enjoyed neat, and the heat experienced with each sip has the most defined quality. It paints a complex landscape of the traditional bourbon flavors.

For the newcomers to bourbon, take note that the 107-proof spirit may burn a little going down. However, if you keep drinking, you’ll unlock the complex flavors beneath the heavy alcohol bite.

2. With ice

Pouring your Baker’s Bourbon over a few ice cubes smooths out the fire and sharp edges and rounds out the complexity as it opens up. Over ice, you’re able to experience the flavors as they become more pronounced and distinct.

3. With a few drops of water

While it’s not necessary to cut Baker’s Bourbon with water, a splash or two of distilled water is recommended to unlock it.

4. Cocktails

Mixing Baker’s Bourbon into cocktails also gets you the best out of it. People with a sweet tooth will enjoy it when mixed with sodas. If you don’t enjoy the sugar rush afterward, you can also add other ingredients such as lemonade.

bakers bourbon barrels

The Whiskey Rocks verdict.

Is it good?

Baker’s Bourbon is not a bad whiskey at all. Overall, it tastes a lot different from everything else that Jim Beam makes. This high-proof bourbon is quite aggressive for the casual drinker looking for a soft, sweet pour to enjoy. Instead, it’s ideal for adventurous drinkers who appreciate the heat and sharpness in this bottle.

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